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If you want to give your poster a little extra love, a frame is the way to go. A frame increases the lifespan of your art, and if combined correctly can also give your interior a boost. Scroll down to find the frame that suits you best!

Wooden frames that protect your art

With a picture frame, you protect your art. You avoid damaged edges and make your posters last longer. Choosing a frame for your poster can be tricky, but spending time finding the right frame makes a difference. Here you can choose the frame sizes 30x40, 40x50, 50x50, 50x70 or 70x100. All to help you find the right size for your favorite poster. The profile of the frame is 12 mm wide and 20 mm deep. The frame comes with a 1.5 mm thick unbreakable plexiglass. Please note that the plexiglass is coated with a protective film on both sides which is to be removed before installation.

Pine or 100% solid oak frames

As we want to offer a complete experience for you, we have developed frames where you don't have to compromise between stylish frames or quality. Our frames are available in several forms to suit different interior styles. We offer two types of materials - pine wood and 100% solid oak. Pine is available in black, white, and walnut colors, while oak retains its original and full color.

Frames that are easy to mount

Forget about numbing thumbs and irritations such as the frame not wanting to close properly. Our frames are equipped with a turning clip which makes the framing both simple, smooth, and painless for your thumbs. In addition, all frames have a metal hanger on the back, which allows them to be hung both vertically and horizontally. Frames that are simply suitable for everything, whether you want to change the posters in the future or not.