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About Us -Designed Posters

About Us

There is always room for good design.

With that simple motto, we at R3 advertising agency started the poster company Designed Posters. Here we provide posters and pictures that we ourselves have made, and want to share. Because we like to create – whether it's a logo for a client or a poster with a natural motif for your personal picture wall.  

Who is the R3 advertising agency?

As the name suggests, we are an advertising agency. What sets us apart from other agencies is, among other things, our focus on pixel perfection, which we believe will be well reflected in our posters.

Our idea of good design? 

In our office, there are a bunch of designers, developers, and photographers, each of which has their own personal style. Even if we have our own personal touch on all our posters, we make sure to create with breadth so that everyone, regardless of taste, can find something that gives their home a little more feeling.  

High-quality materials

The paper we use is a matte 210-gram paper, made from 100% alpha cellulose from Hahnemühle. The paper has a nice smooth surface with a light texture, which provides excellent color reproduction, archival paper standard, and sharpness. Each poster is also signed with an exclusive embossing in the form of the Designed Posters logo.

Hahnemüle has 400 years of experience in papermaking and is synonymous with high quality. The alpha cellulose, a type of cotton, is acid-free, which means that your poster is not damaged as easily when assembling or fades over time. The paper meets the criteria for archival paper.